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Plush PRESENT PETS Shining Princess

The brand new Present Pets breeds are here! Present Pets are the only gifts that can be unpacked on their own. Inside each Princess Pup themed box you will find an adorable interactive Yorkie puppy. 

She's so eager to meet you that she's out of the box on her own! In each box there may be one of the two puppies available so you will not know which Present Pets puppy you received until it comes out of the box alone. 

To reveal it, unpack the outer packaging and pull out the gift plate. The box will immediately start moving as your beautiful puppy makes his way to the outside world. The front part opens and reveals the received puppy: Mazie or Cici. 

Each princess puppy has a tiara and a collar, gold details on the ears and paws and a soft plush body. She is adorable! Your puppy will sing a special song when it comes out of the box. Discover her special personality as you play with her and become friends. 

Puppy loves hugs! When you caress her head, she will kiss you and hug you. Tickle her belly to make her play! Her tail will move harder and harder, she will shake and move her paws and make the sweetest sounds! 

Your puppy recognizes you when you talk to him! To have even more fun together, each Princess Pup has two barking-themed games that you can play together. For the Royal Repeat game you will have to talk to her and she will answer you barking! 

For Princess Promises, your puppy will bark a few times and you will have to bark the same number of times to win! Present Pets have over 100 sounds and actions and perfectly embody the joy of having your own puppy surprise. 

Present Pets toys for girls at least 5 years old are the perfect gift for children and with their help the experience of receiving a gift becomes a very special one. 

Includes 6 AAA Duracell batteries. 

Unpack all Present Pets toys, including Missy and Blossom fairy puppies (each sold separately) and enjoy a unique unpacking experience that will delight the whole family! What puppy will you receive?

Barcode 778988393475

Sku 1114357

Brand  Spin Master