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Exclusive online orders Offers up to 70% Off
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Playmobile Grocery Shop 9403

Fill up your shopping basket with fresh produce, including pineapples, watermelon, and carrots at the grocery shop.
Behind the counter, you will find a selection of fresh meats and cheeses. And, you can't forget the milk and eggs!
The large crates make it easy to display all the produce, while the shelves are perfect for canned and bottled products.
In addition to the stairway, there is also a ramp that allows for strollers and wheelchairs to access the Grocery Shop.
Set includes two adult figures, one child figure, capsicums, watermelon, carrots, bananas, cauliflower, cheese, eggs, and other produce, cash register, produce crates, baskets, plant, produce scale, backpack, deli display and many other accessories.
Recommended for ages 5+ years

Barcode 4008789094032

SKU  1109279

Brand  Playmobil