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Shocking Laser Spaceship Game

  • Spaceship laser war is an advanced version with an electric shock to bring you more fun, start your battle now.
    Turn both spaceships on, point spaceship 1 to spaceship 2, and press RESET BUTTON, till 3 LED lights turn on, it will be loaded with 6 bullets and be ready to start.


    To score a hit against your opponent, aim your spaceship at the center of his spaceship and fire. If anyone gets a direct hit on his spaceship, will get shocked, lose his life and the lights will turn off. Press the reload button to add 6 bullets again and go on fighting.

  • Operation range from 5 to 6 meters maximum.
  • Have Some Fun With Your Family.
  • Shocking Laser Game is a game for 2 persons.

Barcode 1222127519

Brand The Entertainer